Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Property, Buildings and Equipment, Net

Property, Buildings and Equipment, Net
12 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2014
Property, Buildings and Equipment, Net [Abstract]  
Property, Buildings and Equipment, Net

Note 7. Property, Buildings and Equipment, Net


Property, buildings and equipment, net consist of the following at September 30, 2014 and 2013:

(in thousands) September 30,
  2014     2013
Breeding herd $ 11,558     $ 12,234  
Buildings   15,220       11,587  
Citrus trees   45,257       34,188  
Sugarcane   -       16,199  
Equipment and other facilities   50,499       47,278  
Total depreciable properties   122,534       121,486  
Less accumulated depreciation and depletion   (63,031 )     (71,857 )
Net depreciable properties   59,503       49,629  
Land and land improvements   27,929       81,442  
Net property, buildings and equipment $ 87,432     $ 131,071  


Due to the continued pressure on market prices of real estate in Florida, the Company evaluated several of its properties for impairment at September 30, 2014, 2013 and 2012. In conducting its evaluation, the Company reviewed the estimated non-discounted cash flows from each of the properties or obtained independent third party appraisals from a qualified real estate appraiser and determined there were no impairments except for $1,918,000 in 2012 related to certain Lee County land.


Sugarcane Lease


On May 19, 2014, the Company entered into a triple net agricultural lease with its sole sugarcane customer, United States Sugar Corporation, of approximately 30,600 gross acres of land in Hendry County, Florida used for sugarcane farming which includes 19,181 acres planted or plantable to sugar. As a result of the Lease, the Company is no longer directly engaged in sugarcane farming.


The term of the Lease is ten (10) years which may be extended by either party for three (3) additional one (1) year periods, except with respect to a specific portion of the leased premises (4,561 planted or plantable acres) which has a five (5) year term which may be extended by either party for an additional year but can be terminated by the


Company at any time after one (1) year. The Lease includes various covenants, indemnities, defaults, termination rights and other provisions customary for lease transactions of this nature.


The annual base rent under the Lease is approximately $3,548,000 is payable to the Company on or before the first day of each lease year (May 1). The Tenant is obligated to pay additional rent per net cane acre annually if the year-end average net selling price per hundred weight is greater than or equal to $28.00. This effectively increases the rent in the event sugar prices rise in the future. During fiscal year 2014, the Company has recognized $1,389,000 under this lease agreement, respectively.


The Lease also provided for a one-time reimbursement to the Company, at book value, for certain of our costs to develop and plant sugarcane (Property, Buildings and Equipment), cultivate and care take sugarcane (Inventory) and for the purchase of certain rolling stock (Property, Buildings and Equipment) used in our sugarcane operation. We had a combined book value of approximately $11,100,000 in planting and caretaking costs and approximately $2,200,000 net book value for the rolling stock. After negotiation with USSC, we agreed to a one time reimbursement of approximately $8,800,000 in plant cane and caretaking costs and a sales price of approximately $2,200,000 for the rolling stock. Therefore, the Company recorded a one-time charge of approximately $2,300,000 in the quarter ended June 30, 2014 as an operating expense in the Improved Farmland segment. In addition, we also received the annual base rent payment of approximately $3,548,000 for a total payment of approximately $14,600,000 from USSC on July 1, 2014.



Polk County property sale


On July 1, 2014, the Company sold a 2,800 acre parcel of land in Polk County, Florida for $5,623,000. This parcel was surplus to our operations and was classified as held for sale. This sale was part of a like-kind exchange transaction that qualifies for tax-deferral treatment in accordance with Internal Revenue Code §1031.


Acquisition of Citrus Grove


On August 8, 2014, the Company and Premiere Agricultural Properties, LLC entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement pursuant to which the Company purchased all of the assets on a 1,241 acre citrus grove (867 net tree acres) in DeSoto County, FL for a purchase price of approximately $16,517,000. The transaction was closed on September 23, 2014. The purchase price was funded from the Company's cash and cash equivalents and $5,300,000 in funds from a 2014 like-kind exchange transaction in Polk County pursuant to Internal Revenue Code §1031. We acquired the citrus acres to increase the size of our citrus groves which we believe strengthens our market position.


The total cost of the acquisition was allocated to the assets acquired based on their estimated respective fair values in accordance with ASC 805, Business Combinations and was accounted for using the acquisition method of accounting.

The assets acquired in the acquisition were recorded in the quarter ended September 30, 2014. The results of operations have been included in our consolidated statements of income since September 23, 2014, the date of closing. Pro-forma operating results, as if the Company had completed the acquisition at the beginning of the periods presented, are not significant to the Company's consolidated financial statements and are not presented.


Assets acquired in the acquisition are as follows:


(in thousands)   Amount
Inventories   $ 1,148  
Property, Buildings and Equipment:        
Equipment and other facilities     1,834  
Land     3,902  
Citrus Trees     9,633  
Total cash paid   $ 16,517  


Alachua County Property


In fiscal year 2013, the Company purchased 396 acres in Alachua County, Florida for $1,175,000. The Company is currently building a citrus tree nursery on the property and will utilize the trees produced in its own operations and sell excess trees to citrus growers in the state of Florida.


Sale of Easement


In fiscal year, 2013, the Company closed a warranty easement deed with the United States Department of Agriculture, through its administering agency, The Natural Resources Conservation Service, granting a conservation easement on approximately 11,600 acres located in Hendry County, FL (the “Property”) for $20,678,000. The easement agreement states the Property will be enrolled in perpetuity in the Wetlands Reserve Program designed to restore, protect and enhance the values of the wetlands and for the conservation of natural resources. The Company will retain title to the Property and the right to various recreational uses including hunting, fishing and leasing of such rights. Additionally, the Company reserves the right to subsurface resources including oil, gas, minerals and geothermal resources underlying the easement area and the right to water uses and water rights identified as reserved to us. As a result of the transaction, the Company recorded a gain of $20,343,000 in its Statement of Comprehensive Income for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2013.